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Who are we?
Have you ever wanted to build something that helps others create and explore? Have you ever wanted to be a part of a team that genuinely wants to help players share their creative ideas, dreams and visions with millions of other players at the same time? Right now, we’re searching for a Senior Technical Tools Designer to join the team doing exactly that! We’re building what we truly believe is the future of creative gaming, giving players a plethora of design tools to create games, experiences and more. Once creators are happy with what they’re building, they can share it with others, securely, knowing full well their creation is safe and more importantly - theirs.
With ground-breaking technologies available to you as a part of Ringtail, this team is unique. We are extremely excited by what we are building and if what you’ve read so far has you feeling that way too, then we want to hear from you!
About the role
We're seeking a passionate Senior Technical Tools Designer to join our exciting project. We want to create a huge, industry-defining experience and know that we need great individuals to do so! Great products are made by great creators, who are passionate about the projects they’re working on and trying to make everything they touch just right!
In this role, you'll design and shape tools for a new User-Generated Content (UGC) product, ensuring that both hobbyist creators and developer teams can contribute effectively. Your proactive feedback and openness to validating assumptions will be essential as you collaborate closely with developers, designers, artists, and the community to develop cutting-edge game development tools.
Your day-to-day as a Senior Technical Tools Designer
- Developing a deep understanding of how the in-game and editor tools will be used to create experiences
- Partnering with other disciplines to design, implement and validate tools and solutions to enable creators to create experiences in the editor
- Designing new features in a way that maximizes flexibility and creativity for end users while maintaining accessibility and usability
- Working closely with developers to create technical requirements for the various creator features
- 5 years of experience in games or game development tools, coupled with a background or experience in programming
- Experience working with popular game engines, like Unreal, Unity or Godot but also other game editors and development tools
- Ability to assess systems and features from an end-user perspective, correctly identify the problems that need to be solved and design and implement solutions quickly and effectively
- A passion for enabling others to express their creativity through well-designed tools
Personal traits
- Being quality-oriented and meticulous
- Provide realistic time estimates and know your limits and weaknesses
- Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
- Excellent communication and teamwork skills
- Passion for mobile games and user-generated content products
- Good knowledge of games, especially mobile and freemium ones
About Ringtail Interactive
At Ringtail Interactive, we are consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible for a small but fast-growing development team. We currently have three different departments working on a variety of projects; from a high-quality game platform for creators of all kinds, to a top-secret, cutting-edge game development tool that we believe will change the industry forever, and more.
The company is made up of a diverse group of experienced professionals from all around the world united by a passion for games. As we continue to build the core of the team, we will be taking big next steps in defining the future development of our projects, and all of our employees will get the opportunity to have an impact on the products we show to the world.

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